Architectural Metal Fabrication and Installation: We are the Difference in the Capital Region

Our great clients trust our work because our focus on aesthetics isn’t overshadowed by our commitment to being budget-conscious and being on-time with delivery. Your specifications combined with our planning and long history of local fabrication experience will make all the difference if you partner with us on your next building project.

  • We aim to deliver according to needs and goals
  • We are forward-thinking
  • Empowered by 30 years of experience, we are prepared to meet your specifications
  • Our own fleet of trucks, lifts, and boom lifts mean we don’t have to delay a project while we wait for machines to be available for delivery
  • Delivery can’t happen if there are fabrication delays. That’s why we fabricate our metal structures right here in the Capital Region at our own shop. The importance of this is more than just strict control; we’re better prepared for timelines because our union fabricators can make everything right here, no waiting.

Our innovative architectural planning, design, and delivery options combined with our trusted technical expertise can help make your well-thought out vision a reality. We’re no strangers to challenges and we have the project portfolio to back it up. See our work and call us to get more information about how to get your next project started.

Our reliable service, advice and technical expertise is used by:

Why Work With Us?

  • At AGM we fabricate our own materials locally (resulting in faster turnaround, better control, and a higher level of quality control)
  • We are a Union contractor so we can easily handle large projects
  • We employ roughly 30-40 Union glazers locally
  • AGM has its own trucks, forklifts, and boom lifts
  • Spectacular appearance and performance are our goals

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